San Miguel Archangel Mission

San Miguel Archangel Mission

Sixteenth in line, San Miguel Arcangel, has been called the “jewel of the California Missions.” Renowned for its frescoes, created in 1821 by Esteban Munras and painted by Salinan Indian converts, San Miguel has the distinction of being the only mission with its original fresco murals.

This little phoenix has risen from the damage caused by the San Simeon Earthquake. The 200 year-old mission was rocked by the 6.5 temblor, on the morning of December 22, 2003. Thirty-five miles from the epicenter, the mission’s buildings were severely damaged causing $15 million in damage and closing the church for six years.

Today, after substantial restoration, the mission appears much as it did before the quake. The humble, plain white exterior, belies the beauty within. Thankfully the church is open and again eyes can behold the glorious colors inside. The 18th century paint expresses what San Miguel parishioners, priests and 5.5 million visitors a year must feel when they gaze on those walls. A grateful and happy heart.

The Church is open daily from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Gift shop and Museum hours are 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

77 Mission Street
San Miguel, California 93451
(805) 461-3256

From Paso Robles, take U.S. 101 North to San Miguel and exit on Mission Street and follow the signs for Mission San Miguel.