Morro Rock

Morro Rock

Take a quick trip over to Morro Bay and you’ll find an environment very different from Paso Robles. The picturesque, waterfront city of Morro Bay is home to the towering Morro Rock and a lovely embarcadero. The pervasive heat of the inland city (especially in the summer) is replaced by cool, sea breezes. Stroll along the Morro Bay Embarcadero and browse the eclectic shops and galleries with their enticing window displays. You’ll find some of the usual tourist bait: postcards, t-shirts, and because it is a seaside town, lots of shells made into lamps, jewelry and ornaments. But it’s a little different here. Morro Bay prides itself on being a real working fishing community. Nature is an integral part of life in Morro Bay. It’s a protected estuary with wetlands and rookeries. Morro Rock is a state historic landmark and preserve, nesting home to the endangered peregrine falcon and over 250 species of birds. The base of the 576 foot rock is open to visitors but the rock itself, at the entrance to Morro Bay Harbor, is off limits to climbing.

Atascadero State Beach in Morro Bay has a wide flat beach and gentle waves. It’s a safe place for all ages to play and swim. There’s lots of room to spread out on the soft sand and not worry about disturbing your neighbor. Chances are that it won’t be crowded. Look for sand dollars. They’re usually abundant in the surf line here. A simple picnic lunch, a towel and your shades : what else do you need when the necessity for relaxation draws you to such a sublime place? But if you require more activity, take a water taxi over to the sand spit and walk the trail or rent a kayak at the Kayak Shack and paddle the waters near the mudflats, or take a boat tour.

Morro Bay State Park is below Black Mountain Golf Course, south of the Inn at Morro Bay. There is a campground and RV park here as well as the Morro Bay Natural History Museum and a great blue heron rookery in the stand of eucalyptus trees.

Don’t forget the local food in your exploration. Morro Bay has great fresh local seafood. The little marina leads to the upscale Bay Café for light and flaky fish and chips, gourmet fish tacos, nachos, salmon sandwich, and the albacore skewers wrapped in bacon. This place is a real find!

Toward Morro Rock is the Great American Fish Company, a long standing local favorite place for lunch and dinner. They make their own sweetly tangy, red cabbage salad and serve the freshest fish around at reasonable prices.

A day in Morro Bay always satisfies the mind, the soul, and the belly!