5 Steps To Getting The Recognition Your Work Deserves

Ever seen someone less proficient than you become more famous for their work? It’s a frustrating problem to have. You’re putting in the effort and delivering the goods but just not as well-known as your peers. Why are you out on the opportunities they are missing? What’s going on? Theoretically, you can become famous by doing great work, sharing it, and building from there, but practically, it’s not that easy. Many unsung heroes have gone before us. Many great artists never made it big.

So what’s the difference between those that achieve global recognition and those who fade away? Possessing the right kind of fame.

Dillon Kivo is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the book, The Authority Playbook. As the founder of Authority Titans, Kivo helps brands find their competitive edge and share unique and impactful stories through public relations, advertising, and social media marketing.

Kivo makes his clients famous for their work and believes that every brand, individual, and business can succeed online if given the platform to stand out. I interviewed Kivo to find out how you can get the recognition of your work deserves.

Get published in the media

The best way to grow your public image and brand is to be in the spotlight. “The great thing about having a strong media presence is that viewers watch you in action and begin to feel like they know who you are,” shared Kivo. Think of what the E! network and Instagram have done for the careers of the Kardashians, for example. They have been dominating various mediums that have allowed them to increase their visibility.

This may seem like a daunting task, but it’s easier if you start simple. Many media platforms are looking for people to represent them. So you can, “pitch to different news stations and Instagram accounts about what you specialize in to see if they would like to feature you. You can also pay specialists to give you your feature in articles or TV.”

Get started by searching for news outlets, blogs and podcasts that regularly feature guests and speak on the topics you specialize in. Then, email the content manager with details of your specialty. They might see you as a suitable candidate and request you to be in their next segment.

Become an author

When you become an author, people see you as even more credible in your field, increasing your authority across the industry.

With all the tools now at our disposal, anyone can become an author. While writing a lengthy piece may intimidate you, shorter books and e-books have become popular among readers, allowing anyone to learn about a topic they are interested in quickly. “One thing that can hinder you from becoming an author is time,” explained Kivo. “However, you might not need space in your calendar. You might just need an idea. Many writers would be happy to put your thoughts into paper for a fee, a method known as ghostwriting.”

Focus on your expertise and decide what you want your book to communicate and achieve. Then write an outline for each chapter based on a title and subtitle. Once you are confident in your concept and structure, you can approach a publisher or begin writing your book.

Focus on your specific niche

“To become an authority in any field, you have to find your niche. Many falsely believe that entrepreneurs will have fewer customers when they specialize in one field,” explained Kivo. However, that is not the case. “Those who focus on a particular industry will attract an engaged audience that will lead to growing revenue and a large consumer base.”

Take Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example. As an iconic bodybuilder and actor, he specialized in a specific niche in the movie industry. Kivo explained, “he embraced the image of being a warrior and playing the role of someone you don’t want to mess with. That led him to become a successful and well-admired actor.”

Kivo recommends you think about what drives you to be interested in your field. Then do some keyword analysis. Use Google’s Keyword Planner to see what people are searching for right now. To choose your niche, match your areas of interest with topics that amass a high number of monthly searches. As Oprah once said, “Service plus significance equals success.”

Provide real value

“Your product or service needs to be just as valuable to your customers as it is to you.” Kivo added, “What you think is worthless may be exactly what your consumer base thinks is valuable. Thus, it is crucial to listen to your audience to match your product with their desires.

“People make their purchasing decisions based on how those purchases will enhance their lives.” If your customers don’t see a clear and obvious benefit to using your product or service, they will simply go elsewhere.

Become famous from the success of your products and services. Become famous through the word of mouth of your happy customers. Begin by showing the public how you bring value to your niche market. Produce content to communicate your value. Regardless of how you choose to create content, give your viewers insider tips and tricks. Don’t hold anything back, and let your audience get excited about what you share.

Build relationships with experts and influencers

You will have the opportunity to connect your consumers with people in industries you don’t specialize in. This is a great way to let your audience know how connected you are in the industry and build credibility within the community. This is important because as Kivo shared, “Great things can come out of building connections with experts and influencers.”

“Begin building relationships with experts and influencers by commenting on their media channels and sharing their content with your audience. This way, they feel like you are bringing to their engagement posts and will be interested in your audience base.” Kivo advised you could also “look at Twitter to see how you can start a conversation with them organically.”

These relationships will benefit you and your viewers alike. Ideas may begin to pour in once these collaborations begin. Building these relationships will take time and patience, but your efforts will be rewarded.

Kivo, who specializes in increasing the visibility of individuals and enterprises, recommends that you choose your niche, get published in the media, become an author, provide real value, and build relationships with experts and influencers. Living by these five methods and consistently applying them will help you establish a name for yourself and scale your business to its full potential.


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