Keeping Sight of Your Company’s Long-Term Vision

One of the most visible and essential elements of your job as a leader is to create an exciting, unified vision of the longer-term future for your company or unit. (We discuss this imperative in more detail in Ron’s book The Harvard Business Review Leader’s Handbook and in earlier articles.) This is difficult enough, but … Read more

The Science of Choking Under Pressure

Choking under pressure, where one freezes and underperforms when it matters most — even despite deep expertise and years of practice — is well known in the world of sports. But we hear less about the day-to-day chokes that happen at work. Most of us can reflect on a few of our own choking moments. … Read more

Managers Are Trapped in a Performance-Compassion Dilemma

After two years of turmoil, employees need their managers to show compassion. At the same time, executives expect their managers and their teams to deliver results. Middle managers are often the ones feeling that tension most acutely. How can they cope with these competing pressures? Focus on two sets of actions. First, work to increase … Read more

Change Is Hard. Here’s How to Make It Less Painful.

Every leader has had the experience of unveiling an organizational change — a new system or process, a corporate restructure, a shift in the business model — and getting a less-than positive response from their team. Sometimes the reaction is subtle: lowered eyes, tightened lips, silence. With a more confident or vocal team, you might … Read more

How DAOs Could Change the Way We Work

Every technological revolution has transformed the way we work. The plow turned hunter-gatherers into farmers. The spinning jenny and the power loom turned farmers into factory workers. Industrial automation and computers turned factory workers into office dwellers, and then the internet fundamentally changed the way we got work done. And now, there’s a new transformation … Read more

In Uncertain Times, Big Companies Need to Take Care of Their Suppliers

Many large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have long been ruthless with their suppliers, demanding extremely low prices and loading them up with risks. Given that the current turmoil buffeting global supply chains is unlikely to end anytime soon, OEMs should reconsider their supplier policies. They include moving beyond their transactional behavior and treating suppliers more … Read more

How to Use Correlation to Make Predictions

Too many leaders take an incomplete approach to understanding empirical patterns, leading to costly mistakes and misinterpretations. As we have discussed before, one extremely common mistake is interpreting a misleading correlation as causal. We’ve advised countless organizations on the topic. We’ve written research papers, managerial articles, and even a book dedicated to the power of … Read more

5 Principles of Purposeful Leadership

Growing up, I thought successful leaders were supposed to figure out all the answers on their own. Being smart — and making sure everyone else knew it — seemed to be their most striking attribute. The best schools were supposed to lead to the best jobs, which produced the best leaders. Power, fame, glory, and … Read more

8 Reasons Why Health Care Providers Should Offer Telehealth Visits

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an eye-opener for what really matters in both our personal and professional lives. Healthcare providers have especially faced new challenges, such as balancing best-practice patient care and reworking guidelines to protect and support their personnel. These challenges gave telehealth—the digital distribution of health-related information and services—a chance to grab the … Read more