What are USDA Business Loans?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a program that offers USDA business loans to small businesses. The USDA loan program is designed to help businesses in rural areas get the financing they need to grow and expand their operations. USDA small business loans can be used for various purposes and in this blog … Read more

20 Business Ideas for Women

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What is Go Fund Me?

Using the crowdfunding platform called GoFundMe is a way for small business owners to get money without getting a business loan. It’s one of the best resources available to a business owner trying to raise money for a company. It’s an option you should consider. Most people are familiar with GoFundMe as a way to … Read more

How Can SMBs Keep Their Finances In Check?

Running your own business presents its own freedoms and challenges. Approximately 55% of entrepreneurs said they became self-employed because they wanted to be their own bosses. It’s no secret that most small and medium-sized businesses constantly confront the threat of running out of money. Cash flow problems are the leading cause of companies going under, … Read more

Tejas Gadhia on Using Low-Code or No-Code Apps

? In this special episode of Small Biz in 15, Shawn Hessinger, the Executive Editor for Small Business Trends traveled to Austin, Texas for ZohoDay 2022 to interview Zoho Product Manager Tejas Gadhia who discusses low-code and no-code solutions and how small businesses will can use them to improve their workflow. When to Use No … Read more

25 Cybersecurity Statistics Small Businesses Should Know

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9 Types of SBA Loans

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18 Business Ideas for College Students

College is a time for learning and growing. However, many students can benefit from some extra money. Starting a business can also expand opportunities and help university students put their new knowledge to use right away. Here are some ideas to consider if you’re looking for college business opportunities. Why Should College Students Start a … Read more