Alto Pharmacy’s $200M Series E deck – TechCrunch

We cover a lot of health startups here on TechCrunch, and you know what it’s really hard to get any sort of excitement about? An online pharmacy that raised yet another round of funding. Don’t get me wrong, Alto Pharmacy raising a Series E is impressive, as is raising $200 million. But realistically, those companies … Read more

The Startup Magazine Jaden Garza of Nomad Internet Discusses the Origins of His Company and How It Became a Success

The story of Nomad Internet is one that startup owners of every variety should be paying attention to. Today, the company advertises up to unlimited wireless internet for rural areas, but back then, the founders were stuck on a single problem. Jaden and Jessica Garza didn’t start off with a lofty plan to change the … Read more

Why developers are sabotaging their own code – TechCrunch

Ax Sharma is a security researcher and reporter. His areas of interest include open source software security, malware analysis, data breaches, and scam investigations. If combating attacks And hijackings of legitimate software on open source registries like NPM weren’t challenging enough, app makers are experiencing the consequences of self-sabotage software. A developer can, on a … Read more

Indonesia’s IDEAL takes the pain out of applying for mortgages – TechCrunch

Applying for mortgages is often a time-consuming and disorganized process, with reams of manual paperwork required. Based in Jakarta, IDEAL simplifies the process with a platform that lets users compare mortgage products and apply for them from multiple banks at the same time. The startup announced today it has raised $3.8 million in pre-seed funding … Read more

Krafton says it has invested over $100 million in India and wants to become more than just a gaming company – TechCrunch

Krafton, the brand behind some of the world’s most popular video games, says it has already spread the $100 million it had committed to the Indian market two years ago in the South Asian nation and is gearing up to launch several new titles in the country. The four-year-old South Korean firm, which went public … Read more