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FriendlyLikes Reviews 2022

Having the time and energy to come up with the best engagement for your Instagram profile is easier said than done. If you have something in mind and you execute it, you might be stocked on it for a couple of weeks.

Then, you start to realise that for some reason, the Instagram algorithm isn’t favoring your content, and unless you change things up to keep with the algorithm, you are going to slowly start slipping behind again.

The only way to get around this is to dedicate all of your spare time to your Instagram account – or, you could recruit the help of a third-party company.

Let’s review one, and determine whether you should get help from them or not.

FriendlyLikes Review

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FriendlyLikes is a company that says they can help you buy views, comments, likes and followers for your Instagram page.

They say that these are all real and they come with good delivery, but we see right through this to a company that only wants to sell fake features.

What is FriendlyLikes?

FriendlyLikes Instagram Followers

FriendlyLikes looks like the kind of company that hasn’t been around for all that long – and this is probably because it’s true.

Companies like this pop up all the time in an attempt to get as many people subscribed to their features as possible, before dropping off again without explanation and leaving you high, dry, and without your money.

They sell low quality features that don’t require them to do much work on their end, so that they can quickly jump off the radar again, and there’s not a lot that you can do about it.

They claim that everything about their features are real, but this isn’t true – otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to guarantee a set number of views, followers, likes and comments.

Let’s review them, and make a decision in regards to their legitimacy.

A Review of FriendlyLikes


  • Secure Site: FriendlyLikes has done one of the most basic things that you can do in the world of social media marketing – they have secured their website with HTTPS. You might be impressed by this if you’re someone who has hardly spent any time in this industry, and think that seeing the lock next to their URL means that they are good to go. However, it doesn’t work like this. All it means is that they have made sure to rank well in Google, and made it safe for their clients to share personal information on their webpages. Good, but not good enough.
  • Visible Pricing: FriendlyLikes does have their pricing displayed on their website, and we are actually happy to say that they have it displayed on another part of their website, not their homepage. This definitely earns them a couple of brownie points with us, because it means that they have put a bit of effort into their site. However, this is where the effort stops. They say that $3.90 is going to get you 50 Instagram followers, and this goes up to $115 for 10K Instagram followers. We think that these prices are on the lower end and mean that their features are low quality.
  • FAQ Page: FriendlyLikes does have a FAQ page that you can check out if you want to know more about them as a company before you use their services, but we don’t think that it’s anything to write home about. We think that it’s enough for you to get a vague idea of ​​what they’re about, but if you want to know about their team or why they are doing what they do, you are going to be sorely disappointed.


  • Customer Support: FriendlyLikes say that they have around the clock support to offer their clients, meaning that you will get help from them whenever you need it. However, we are willing to bet that this is a promise they can’t follow through on. This is because around the clock support is more difficult to achieve than you might think, so unless they’ve got an endless supply of money to spend on a customer support team, this is more than likely no realistic, and you will end up waiting a long time in line to get the assistance you require.
  • Real Reviews: FriendlyLikes has made a somewhat weak attempt to put a few reviews on their website – but trust us when we say that they are far from legit. In fact, they are the kind of reviews that have either been made up, or are just completely fake. They might have even managed to get someone to make them up for them, and they have paid that someone for the trouble.
  • Accountability Form: FriendlyLikes has failed in another area, and that is their level of accountability. If they had a good level, they would include a form in the registration process where they would need you to disclose things like your email address and phone number so that they could keep that information on file somewhere, and pull it out when they needed to talk to you. This would enable them to have a really good level of accountability with their customers, and not drop the ball when needing to inform them of changes to their features.

Top FriendlyLikes Alternatives

Is FriendlyLikes Safe to Use? Is it a Scam?

FriendlyLikes is the kind of company that likes to say things that aren’t true on their website. They like to say that they can help you with real engagement, but they can’t.

They just have a fake engagement to offer you that is low quality, and isn’t going to add to your engagement rate.

In fact, it could end up taking away from it, and Instagram might be notified that you are using a third party company.

For these reasons and the ones that we have talked about above, we strongly suggest that you avoid a company like this, and instead find one that cares about your growth needs.

Review Summary


FriendlyLikes is a company that says they can help you buy views, comments, likes and followers for your Instagram page. They say that these are all real and they come with good delivery, but we see right through this to a company that only wants to sell fake features.


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