Reinventing Yourself? How Founders Got People to See Them Differently

Here’s their advice on how to make people see you differently and respect you:

1. Do it in stages

“If your reinvention plan includes getting a different job, first make a list of everything you liked and disliked in every job you’ve had. Then identify the occupations with lots of what you like and little of what you don’t.

After I sold my business, it took five years to reinvent myself as a TV personality. I did it in stages. I wanted to be a business expert on TV, but I started as a visiting political consultant because it was the only job offer I had. With a little TV experience, I became a regular on ABC and later NBC as a real estate expert. Because of those experiences, I got an offer to be a judge on ‘Shark Tank’ and was finally able to be the business expert I had set out to become.

When you leave your job, you leave behind business contacts and friends. You’ll need a new support network to help you through. You also need a fresh attitude and willingness to build that network. You don’t want to be the person thinking, ‘I wish I’d done that.’ It’s never too late to turn a page and try something new if you want a different life.”

Barbara Corcoranfounder of The Corcoran Group, podcast host of ”Business Unusual,” and Shark on ”Shark Tank

2. Focus on your vocabulary and the in-between

3. Learn from those who’ve walked your path

4. Take that first step

5. Change your appearance

6. Shed traits that don’t serve you

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