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SMGains Reviews 2022

If you are someone who has felt the frustrations of Instagram lately, then don’t worry, you are definitely not the only one. There are tons of people using Instagram these days that find it challenging on a day-to-day basis.

Interestingly, this is not typically because they are running out of content ideas. It’s also not because their content is average at best.

Yes, you are going to come across Instagram profiles that aren’t that great in terms of quality, but for the most part these people comprise individuals who feel like that no matter what they do to grow their Instagram profile, it doesn’t go anywhere.

This is why they choose to outsource a lot of their Instagram engagement to a company who can help them. Let’s review one.

SMGains Review


SMGains say that they can assist their clients with being able to buy their social gains, and they have multiple services for not only Instagram, but Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

It is pretty evident at this point that they are probably selling their customers fake engagement which is against policy.

What is SMGains?

SMGains Services

SMGains is failing from the beginning, namely because their website is so basic, it is really obvious that they’re selling their fake customers engagement.

They literally have no information on their homepage, all you will see when you visit it for the first time is a bunch of features for various social networks out there.

They don’t even explain what they are, they just have literally Instagram followers, Twitter favorites, and You Tube likes available as examples.

It is very evident at this point that they are selling fake engagement, and as we have mentioned above, fake engagement goes against a lot of terms and conditions out there that social networks have in place.

Best-case scenario is that you’re putting your social media profiles at risk of getting into trouble and worst-case scenario, you are being scammed out of personal information, as well as your budget.

Let’s continue on and give them a review.

A Review of SMGains

+ Positives:

Secure Site

SMGains has managed to cover the bare minimum with their website, which is making sure that they have secured it with HTTPS.

This is literally one of the most basic security measurements you can have in place, because it only encrypts the website to a point where you can share personal information and not worry about it being stolen.

It also means that they benefit too, because it helps them rank on Google a lot better. At the end of the day, the majority of websites out there have this security measure in place, and it is in no way any indication of their credibility.

Visible Pricing

SMGains does have their pricing available for you to see, and we are actually surprised to see that they have featured it on another webpage.

In fact, you have to click through each feature to see individual pricing. For example, 250 Instagram followers is going to cost you $4, and it goes up from here.

The most you can spend on your Instagram followers is $1000, and this is going to get you 500,000 Instagram followers.

We definitely don’t think that getting this number of followers on your Instagram profile is safe or secure, even if they are delivered to you over the course of six months.


FAQ Page

SMGains is a lot more interested in taking their clients’ money and running, than telling them all about their services and what they offer.

This is why they don’t have an FAQ section, and you’ll struggle to find any additional information about their services in general.

On the web pages where they have their pricing, they have a lot of generic information about social media marketing, but none of these relate directly to their services.

If you do choose to go ahead and use them, you’ll be left in the dark, wondering how they actually work and whether they’re going to be accountable to you in the future.

Real Reviews

There is no way that SMGains has legit reviews on their website. You will see some reviews if you scroll a bit further down their home page, but there is no way that we can say that these are real.

They haven’t even been associated with real personal information, and the reviews themselves are generic at best.

The most likely scenario in this case is that they have made these reviews up themselves, or they might have even paid people to say good things about their features.

Either way, you can’t trust these reviews to be real.

Accountability Form

Since SMGains couldn’t be bothered including any additional information on their website about their features, it comes as no surprise to us that they haven’t included an accountability form.

This is a form that you fill out when you first register for a company, and it means that you can share things like your email address and phone number, which they can keep on file so that it is super easy for them to contact you in the future.

Without this kind of information, companies like this don’t have a clear path to their clients, and an open line of communication.

Top SMGains Alternatives

Is SMGains Safe to Use? Is it a Scam?

We don’t believe that SMGains is safe for you to use. It would be nice if it was but at the end of the day, this company is extremely basic, and only really cares about getting money from their clients.

They aren’t interested in providing you with a genuine engagement, and we believe that there is a really high chance that the engagement that they are selling you is fake.

This is because it can be delivered instantly, there is a set number of followers and likes that you receive from them, and it has absolutely no customer support available at any point in the process.

We believe that if you want your social media networks to do well in the future, you need to avoid companies like this.

SMGains User Reviews

Here are some reviews we found for SMGains on Trustpilot. There is also a user reviews section at the end of this article for you to check out.

SMGains Trustpilot

Review Summary


SMGains say that they can assist their clients with being able to buy their social gains, and they have multiple services for not only Instagram, but Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more. It is pretty evident at this point that they are probably selling their customers fake engagement which is against policy.


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