Eboo Patel And The Vision For An Interfaith America

Eboo Patel Interfaith America One of America’s most recognized interfaith leaders, Eboo Patel has written five books and co-edited several others. In his most recent book, We Need to Build: Field Notes For Diverse Democracy Patel seeks to inspire and equip changemakers who can move beyond critique and start to build effective institutions for the … Read more

What This Pioneering High School For Transgender Students In Argentina Can Teach Us All

Mocha Celis graduating class in Buenos Aires, with creator Francisco Quiñones Cuartas at front … [+] center. Mocha Celis How are educators, companies, and communities collaborating with social entrepreneurs to welcome and integrate transgender people—and show a diverse gender future? For insights, Ashoka’s Ana Sáenz de Miera spoke with social entrepreneur Francisco Quiñones Cuartas, creator … Read more

As Housing Costs Soar, A Revolution In Affordable Homes

Homes of the future: 22 million Americans live in factory-built homes, an increasing number of them … [+] energy-efficient with quality construction. Next Step Network America’s housing crisis has become acute — especially so in the last few months. But thankfully, social innovators have been laying the groundwork for years for a revolution in affordable … Read more

How Strengthening Democracy Begins With Better Local News

Darryl Holliday City Bureau How can we make local news into invaluable civic infrastructure? News that’s really a public good? Darryl Holliday is a journalist, participatory-media advocate, and media entrepreneur based in Chicago working on just this. He’s the cofounder of and director of the news lab at City Bureau​, a civic journalism organization based … Read more

What Inuit Can Teach Us About Climate Monitoring And Adaptation

Joel Heath, creator of SIKU: The Indigenous Knowledge Social Network Arctic Eider Society How can we all get smarter about monitoring climate change in our communities? Ashoka’s Barb Steele talks to ecologist and filmmaker Joel Heath, a Newfoundland native and co-creator of SIKU: the Indigenous Knowledge Social Network. With his colleagues at the Arctic Eider … Read more