Why Pistachio Milk Is The Healthier And Less Water Intensive Option For Plant Based Milk

Táche is the culmination the founder’s of Persian heritage and a love for her drought-stricken home … [+] state. Tache For Roxana Saidi, a first generation Iranian-American, pistachios have always been meaningful. With rich cultural significance in the Middle East, where pistachios have been grown for thousands of years, the crunchy green nut is also … Read more

Our Energy-to-Food Future

Vaxa developed the first commercial installation in the world that integrates geothermal energy … [+] production with algae cultivation (Energy-to-Food). VAXA As climate change sees into every aspect of our food chain, including our oceans, there is an imperative to pivot to alternative sources for nutrition to keep up with the needs of our population. … Read more

How Ando Is Greening The Banking Industry—and, Soon, The Insurance Industry

Ando is a banking service that invests every cent of customers’ money into projects and companies … [+] committed to fighting climate change. Ando Over the last several years, a steady stream of studies has exposed the inexorable link between banking and climate change. Banks use customers’ deposits to make loans—often to climate-harming companies, and … Read more