These 6 Personality Traits Respond Best to Executive Coaching

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. James Turner (not his real name) is the head accountant for a large financial firm. Over the last two years, his responsibilities have increased exponentially — so, too, his anxiety. Not only did he need to perform work for his clients, but also manage a staff of … Read more

5 Proven Habits Of High Performers That Will Transform Your Business

There’s a difference between wanting to be a high-performance person and acting like one. The secret lies in your habits. What you do every day, without fail, marks the difference between smashing through goals and ceilings and feeling like you’re somehow missing the mark. There are countless distractions around and there always will be. They … Read more

3 Costly Mistakes Leaders Make When Trying To Resolve Conflicts

Many leaders have been in a situation where there was a proverbial elephant in the room. In the workplace, the default course of action is to tiptoe around the elephant. Anxious about a potential confrontation, leaders are often afraid they’ll be misunderstood or perhaps worried that they’ll somehow make the situation worse by speaking up. … Read more

3 Effective Ways to Lead as a Coach Rather Than a Boss

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. You’re a good leader who strives to hire more good people leaders. That’s admirable, but you may still wind up with a toxic work environment or disengaged team members. Even good leadership can have bad habits that affect everything from corporate culture to turnover. As an executive … Read more