What This Pioneering High School For Transgender Students In Argentina Can Teach Us All

Mocha Celis graduating class in Buenos Aires, with creator Francisco Quiñones Cuartas at front … [+] center. Mocha Celis How are educators, companies, and communities collaborating with social entrepreneurs to welcome and integrate transgender people—and show a diverse gender future? For insights, Ashoka’s Ana Sáenz de Miera spoke with social entrepreneur Francisco Quiñones Cuartas, creator … Read more

The Myth Of Financial Literacy—And Why Wealth Justice Is A Better Goal

Chloe McKenzie BlackFem Chloe McKenzie is introducing the concept of “wealth justice” as a way to put into context generations of financial trauma resulting from extractive systems—starting with slavery and continuing today in various forms. She founded BlackFem to maximize the wealth building capabilities of black women, women of color, and their communities. Ashoka’s Manmeet … Read more