The 3 Most Common Excuses for a Lack of Innovation – and How You Can Conquer Them

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. “We are focusing on something else right now.” “We already focus on innovation, but we call it something else.” “We already have a strategy for innovation.” “That’s not my job.” While challenges for companies vary, excuses for a lack of innovation are always surprisingly similar. Below are … Read more

4 Steps To Creating An Online Business From Your Number One Passion

You win at life when you get paid to do something you would do for free. That’s how it can feel when you turn your number one passion into your career. Imagine those things you love to do, those topics you love to talk about, those things you love to learn, all being part of … Read more

You’re Creative and Have Great Ideas — Now What?

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. We love stories about flashes of sudden inspiration. Archimedes famously shouted eureka — translated loosely to I’ve got it! — after stepping into a bath and seeing the water rise. This gave him insight into a question about volume and density he’d been struggling over for days. … Read more

Breast Implants Left This Founder With Debilitating Symptoms, So She Launched an Intimate-Apparel Line That Goes Beyond Buzzwords

Image Credit: Courtesy of Love, Lexxi “I love a good challenge,” Love, Lexxi founder Meg Smith tells Entrepreneur. “I’ve always been that way. So if there’s something that feels so out of reach, it makes me even more determined to find a way to get it done.” Smith’s Zoom background offers a glimpse into one … Read more