What Underdog Sports Teams Can Remind Us About Leadership

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Why do established organizations fail to actualize their potential? Or better yet, why do underdogs surprise us with success — sometimes even to the feel of miraculous? There is no better representation of this sentiment than the Miracle 1980 Team USA hockey team. Legendary coach Herb Brooks … Read more

Building Products That Matter with GoodRx co-CEO Doug Hirsch

It’s no secret that the US healthcare system is a source of endless aggravation, with many unable to afford the high cost of medical prescriptions. For the next episode of our Leadership Lessons series, host Jason Nazar talks with Doug Hirsch, co-founder & co-CEO of GoodRx (NASDAQ: GDRX) – a technology platform that helps Americans … Read more

6 Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned From Playing Hockey

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. I’ve been a hockey player almost as long as I’ve been alive, with many of my formative years spent learning fundamentals on the ice that, believe it or not, would ultimately influence how I operate today as a CEO. Much of my leadership today is guided by … Read more