How to Handle Conflict: A Mediation Expert Explains

“Human beings in our society can’t even talk to each other anymore,” expert mediator and negotiator Hesha Abrams tells Entrepreneur. People think, ‘If you think or believe differently than me, well, you’re just an idiot, and I will try to explain away, argue away, shout away your ignorance.’ Which doesn’t work. It’s so foolish, and … Read more

Want to Keep Your Law Firm’s Data Safe? Use the Cloud

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Over the last decade, companies in almost every industry have moved to the cloud, migrating at least part of their IT infrastructure. Law firms have been more hesitant than most. Many are reluctant to adopt the cloud fearing loss of control over sensitive data, potential business interruptions … Read more

Should You Sue When Your Company’s Competitors Go Negative?

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. As many seasoned entrepreneurs, CMOs and in-house counsel have learned, brand protection has evolved, or perhaps devolved, into a blood sport. Some industries are more cut-throat than others, but in the-rapidly changing world of social media and online marketing, ever, companies are finding themselves on the receiving … Read more